Are You Wasting Your Valuable Web Space?

Are you using your web space to its full potential? I am not surprised if you say “No” because I have seen many webmasters wasting the valuable web space they have.

Other than the usual content pages, there are some other web pages that often go unnoticed by webmasters, resulting in loss of potential revenue. These web pages that I am referring to are the 404 Error page, thank you page and confirmation page.

404 Error page

This is the page where people see when they type in the wrong URL in your website. It could be due to a server failure, broken links or a mistype of the URL. Regardless of what the reason is, surveys have revealed that 40% of the users who see a 404 error page will leave your site and never to return.

Nevertheless, what you can do to retain your users is to first apologise by offering them a free report. Then request them to leave their name and email so you can email the report to them. Alternatively, you can provide a sitemap of your website so that they can navigate around easily. Lastly, put a search box on the 404 Error page so that they can search for the thing they are looking for. This will prevent your users from clicking away.

Thank you page

This is the page your users see when they subscribed to your newsletter, or purchased your products. You can use this space to do back end marketing and up-sell your users by offering related products at a discounted price. Alternatively, you can place information of your affiliated products to further entice them to click on the affiliate links.

Confirmation page

This is a good place to do a joint venture with other webmasters. When your users subscribe to your newsletter, they will be brought to a confirmation page where you can recommend them to sign up for your partner’s newsletter. This has shown to increase your subscriber rate by 20%.

I believe that these are not the only wasted web space out there. Scrutinize your web site and find out all the web space that you can use.

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